Happy 2014!

Hope your holidays were full of laughter, fun, and family. We probably have been using a lot more technology than usual… from calling and texting family members, taking photos and posting on social media, or playing apps on our new tablets. As we get back into the daily grind, we’re probably missing some of that time we spent connecting and engaging via technology. Luckily as adults, we have a better grasp on how to manage our fun time and work time. But do your children?

Now is the time to enroll them in technology classes! We focus on healthy technology habits and using our devices as a TOOL not just a TOY. Using STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) we solve a brand new weekly mission applying real world concepts in a fun, child friendly way.

Beth P. said last year of her son, “It’s incredible how quickly Nathan has picked up the concept of using the laptop for a specific purpose. He loves working on a mission at home with me, then turning it off (CORRECTLY!) and asking me to play outside. Now if only my teenager could do this…”

Hope to see your child in class this year! Don’t forget, enrollment and tuition are easily submitted through this site. Thanks for stopping by!

- Miss Carol

Now enrolling for fall…

Little Hands Megabytes is now accepting enrollment for the 2013/2014 school year at all locations.

Several changes and additions have been made:

1) Payment is no longer accepted at the school, unless it is directly from the parent’s hands to Miss Carol. Otherwise, all payments must be conducted online through the secure payment portal.

2) Class length has increased from 30 minutes to 40/45 minutes. This enables us to have just a bit more time to preview the lesson, solve the mission, and review what was learned.

3) All enrollment is now done online through this website. If your child is currently enrolled, you do not need to re-submit information. This is for new students only.

4) From time to time, a healthy snack may be offered to the children if it relates to the mission. For instance, the mission where broccoli was coming out of the candy machine is a great one to have that connection! Candy will NEVER be given, nor will any nut product. We only provide organic fruit or organic vegetable. I will always check with your child’s teacher prior to giving a snack.

Thank you for your continued support of children’s technology education!